Application for Schengen visa

STI Schengen offers the possibility to book your Schengen visa online at a low cost rate. Following text are frequently asked questions and may be good to know before booking online. Please read them carefully. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Who can fill in the booking form?

Both the tour operator / travel agent as the traveller are granted access for the application for Schengen visa (filling in the Schengen visa form).

How does it work?

Booking a Schengen visa is really simple. It’s not very different as booking a regular flight. Just follow these steps to complete your application for Schengen visa:

  1. Go to Book online and read the information
  2. Go to the online booking form
  3. Go through the steps by filling in all the information
  4. You will receive a confirmation mail with a pdf which you can print

Who needs a visa?

People who do not live in a Schengen member state are requested to have a Schengen visa in order to enter or travel through the zone. More information is available on our page “Who needs a Schengen Visa“.

More information

More information and rules can be read on Schengen visa rules.

View also this Schengen VISA information.