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Liability disclaimer clause

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To the broadest extent determined by law, our liability is limited to €100.- per court case. We shall never be responsible for any direct or indirect damages, such as for example, without this list being exhaustive is any way, loss of revenue, loss of profits, loss of data, loss of goodwill and the loss of an opportunity.

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Offer of services

This website can be used in order to obtain a subscription quote to certain services that we offer. The provision of those services is subject to a valid contract carried out between you and us. In any case, provision of our services shall be subject to the contractual terms and conditions which you must accept when you request a subscription; any description of our services on this website is for information purposes only and shall not replace, amend or complete the terms and conditions of a valid contract.


Contents of our website are protected by intellectual property law. You are allowed to read the contents of our website for personal use and also for internal professional use. Where there are documents placed at your disposal via download or via e-mail, you can download and copy these documents and transfer them for free to third parties, insofar as these documents have not been adjusted. Certain documents may have certain rights attached to them, which will be mentioned in the document in question.

Data protection

You can consult our website without providing us with your personal data. However, we still do anonymously gather certain statistical data in terms of how people generally use our website (for ex. The no. of visitors, quantity of data moved,…). We also generate anonymous statistical and consolidated data with regards to how our website is used.

When you get in touch with us using the contact form on our website, we ask you provide us with your name and e-mail address. This information will only be used to contact you.

When you use the online contact form to ask us about a price for subscription to our services, we ask you provide us with certain personal data. We process these data in order to check whether our services are appropriate for you and in order to enable us to give you a quote. If you subscribe to our services, we keep these data and it may even be possible we ask you to provide extra data so that we can provide our services.

If you choose to receive more extensive information by providing us with your e-mail address or by acting in another way, we shall use those personal data in order to provide you with commercial information from us and our partners. You have the right to renounce that choice at any time, at no cost.

You have the right to access and adjust your personal data for free and at any time.

In order to use your rights of access and modification of your personal data or to ask any questions regarding our liability waiver in matters of personal data, contact us here “”.