Your Schengen visa form

Application for Schengen visa

Get your Schengen visa via our online Schengen visa form. This form can be filled in by the travel agency or by the traveller himself. The Application for Schengen visa is very easy.

How does it work?

Just follow these steps to complete your application for Schengen visa:

  1. Go to Book online and read the information
  2. Go to the online booking form
  3. Go through the steps by filling in all the information needed
  4. You will receive a confirmation mail with a pdf which you can print

You will be able to pay directly via our online form and will be redirected through our Mollie payment system. This is completely normal.

Information you will be asked for in the Schengen visa form

Before online booking, it’s good to have following information:

  • Start and end date for your Schengen visa
  • Number of travellers and their personal information such as
    • First name and last name, country, address
  • Subscriber information
  • Payment details

Payment methods

You can pay with Visa or MasterCard.

Where can you travel?

You can travel within all 26 Schengen countries with only one visa per person.

These are:

Austria Germany Lithuania Slovakia
Belgium Greece Luxemburg Slovenia
Czech Republic Hungary Malta Spain
Denmark Iceland Netherlands Sweden
Estonia Italy Norway Switzerland
Finland Latvia Poland
France Liechtenstein Portugal

See the Schengen visa rules

To read the rules, click on “Schengen visa rules“.

We wish you a nice and safe trip.

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